I love giving made-up names to things like food and drink. It’s not a bad name, what do you think?

You can say,

Can’t this be eaten in summer?

Why is it “winter cookie”, darling?

This is just Turkish shortbread, you just decorated it a bit!

You are right  🙂

But it’s not just a cookie, I have added my love in it :p For my favorite doctorate teacher’s presentation, I went about the kitchen and made these. The defense presentations at our school take place in the form of a complete banquet. Everybody brings something to eat and after the presentation, it is eaten with pleasure, this is the most popular part of the work.

I’m dropping a recipe of cinnamon, chocolate and ginger covered cookies. If you like to spend time in the kitchen, especially if you like to see the satisfaction of people to taste things, I would say go and try it immediately 🙂 .

Necessary materials;

For the dough;

  • 2 eggs
  • 750gr margarine (I have used butter)
  • 1 cup powder sugar (not from the biggest water cups)
  • Half a cup of tea corn oil
  • 1 pack vanillin
  • 1 pack dough baking powder
  • 1 cup starch
  • Flour (no clear measurement for this material; it should be like a play dough )
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Fresh ginger

For decoration;

  • Bitter, white and milk chocolate
  • Powder sugar (alternative ornamentation 🙂 )

First, we start pouring 2 eggs, margarine and powder sugar into a bowl and kneading. Here’s a little trick; In order to adjust the consistency of the dough, we have to make sure that the materials we store in the fridge, such as margarine and egg, are taken out of the room and that it is brought to room temperature. Then we should add baking powder, vanillin, corn oil and at least half a glass of starch together with a cup of water and knead the dough very slowly (because the starch can flit during kneading, we can prevent it by pressing with flour and kneading with heavy movements)

I would like to say that rather than giving the amount of cinnamon and fresh ginger to be added, which taste you want it to be more dominant, it would be more appropriate to make it suitable for your taste. For example, I added an almost full spoon of cinnamon powder and a small lump of grated fresh ginger (if you want, you can also use powdered ginger but the fresh one gives a clearer aroma even in a small amount).

We need to add flour and starch to the desired consistency of the dough and the amount of starch should be added together with the flour in a way not to exceed a water glass. If you ask how much flour is as much as the consistency, I can not say the consistency of the earlobe I think it’s a ridiculous explanation. While kneading the dough, firstly it gets so sticky that if the stickiness of the dough that makes your hands feel heavy fades by adding flour, even if you can remove it from your hands easily, that is the correct consistency. In other words, we need to obtain a dough that is a little harder than the consistency of the so-called earlobe consistency and that can not be adhered to your hand. If the dough has become suitable to take shape, you can open it like a sheet . So that it is not too thin or too thick and you can give it the shape you want 🙂 .

The oven is brought to a temperature of 200˚C  for 10 minutes and cooked for almost half an hour.

There may be differences in cooking from oven to oven or palate of person. This is the dilemma I live with my mother, she wants to see them white and I want to see them toast. 🙂 . So if you can check out oven while cooking you can adjust the amount of cooking.

After we take our cookies out of the oven, we let them cool down.

I can recommend the powdered sugar elimination method as an alternative to the decoration. It is an ornament that looks very nice, looks like snow on the cookies, worthy of its name 🙂 .

To make the chocolate coating to be used; white, bitter and milk chocolate are melted. For bain-marie melting, I used a large but not too deep pot and put three porcelain pots in it. When adding water into the deep pot, the porcelain cup (which can be any suitable container to melt the chocolate) should be added to the non-splash level as it boils, so that our chocolate sauce does not contact with water.

After putting the chocolates in the containers separately, we should open the bottom of the stove until the water boils, and then bring it to the lowest position (to prevent the burning of chocolates). With our chocolates that slowly melt, we can decorate our cookies according to our own imagination, the ability of our hands.

If we have time, we can put it into the fridge for a while and let the chocolate on the cookies freeze well. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the final version of my cookies 😦 but this is the one before the last point it came from.

Bon appétit 🙂

Kış Kurabiyesi

♥thanks to my lil dragon♥

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