Hello 🙂

I wanted to make a return with a writing about URLA . As you all know that my school (IZTECH) is in Urla and I guess I’m a bit of person that cannot help myself about studying (you know what they call, “nerd crew” :p  yes, indeed, but mine is an obligation, otherwise IZTECH becomes an everlasting adventure 🙂 ) so I cannot set my feet outside of that borders. I really miss breathing the fresh air of Kordon-Alsancak (Ugh, were we like this when we were young? 🙂 ) but we started to discover Urla because we do not have the opportunities. In fact, this situation is like a salvation to me because a new place, a new breath are at our elbows’. Just because of this, I decided to establish Urla Lovers Association 🙂 . Joking aside, it is disturbing that it just becomes like Alaçatı (especially in weekends, if the weather is good), some certain cafes at Sanat Sokağı becoming full to overflowing etc. 😦 .

So please keep the place I’m gonna write about a secret 🙂


A unique, sweet place like it’s name. Surely there are places opened with these or similar concepts, but I do not want to make a false comment because I have never met. The origin of it’s name in Turkish Language Institution is;

  • Small shovels made of plastic or steel that are used in the business places which sells legumes, dried fruits, etc.

They are treating you with little “şaşula” with tea, coffee, worthy of their name (which I really liked). Speaking generally, If I have to mention the concept, It’s a calm and spacious place where cookies, spices, coffees, herbal teas, dried fruits, chocolate and many different kinds of organic products are sold, at the same time, you can sit outside and have a coffee or herbal tea.

One of the things that I liked the most was that simple but very elegant decoration with small details caught my eye. In other words, it is so sweet that it can make you say “Lets chat and have some drinks” instead of Lets buy something and go” 🙂 .

It was a gracious act that they offered wrapping the snacks again which liked and got from inside the place.

Finally, if I touch upon the attitudes of the owner or staff of the place, which is most important issue for me; the owner was quite friendly, sweet and concerned 🙂  .

If you happen to pass Urla and want to drink coffee in a quiet place rather than going in crowds, I suggest you to come Şaşula ( You can buy hazelnut cream chocolate or dried pineapple, it is all on your palate 🙂 )

With love…

Note: If you want to look at more about Şaşula;

Urla Günlükleri Vol.1. ŞAŞULA

♥thanks to my lil dragon♥

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