Hello beautiful people,

If you have looked at the ABOUT ME section, you may have learned that I’m a chemist. If you already know me, I won’t go into detail, and I’ll just get straight to the point. If you are a little bit lucky, you can make the environment you work in beautiful with music according to your mood, and at the same time, you can personalize it in a way (I said “if you are lucky” because I know some people cannot listen to music in their lab, as it is forbidden). I like listening to music loudly in the lab when I’m on my own. Of course, I get permission and adjust the volume of the music if someone is there. I don’t know how things are going on your side, maybe you choose songs according to your mood during the day, but if I don’t have a headache or don’t need to read an article and understand a subject clearly, I listen to songs that are mostly high rhythm and somewhat motivating (when I’m melancholic, I do it more so I can cheer up and find the strength to do those things).

Not to sound like an advertisement, my favorite music streaming service is Spotify among these applications.

If I count the advantages, I would like to start with the ease of use. The fact that it can find most of the songs I’m looking for, and it can work in connection with Shazam (so you can save it directly to the list), the simplicity of its design, the music lists they organize according to modes, the daily mixed music lists they offer for you, the feature to show nearby concerts, and it is a very successful program in terms of offering different Podcasts.

The only problem is that if you don’t buy a premium membership, advertisements are constantly getting in the way. I went and looked at their site for you and found this “Spotify Student Discount Offer“. They always offer campaign-style things, frankly, I come across it once or twice a year.

You can share the lists you create with your loved ones with the “Make public” option or keep them to yourself with the “Make private” option. I have prepared a post to share with you my first list that I have set as public.

I’m proud to present this experimental(!) list of songs that will have an invigorating effect for lab-rats like me who need to be motivated and say “play something liltin’ 😛 here you go 🙂 ⇒ EMPRICAL

I’ll be sharing my Spotify playlists here from time to time. I’m open to your suggestions about sharing music lists or a post like this, and I hope you like it. LOVE U ALL ♥♥♥

LAB-FARE’leri için Müzik Listesi

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