Yes, there is no relevance among the things I’m going to write and the title 🙂 . I deemed that title suitable because I could not find one that fits to the things I want to tell and my experiences.

Have you ever had a crisis? Or crises? Nothing?  Amazing, let’s put you lucky guys aside, you are all loved 🙂 .

I guess I am one of them, who had crises. I even could manage to fit some important of them I could call “Come on!”, “Aren’t we exaggerate honey?” without believing, “I will wake up soon and everything will be fine.”

But, this is not a writing to unburden troubles, so I’m not going to tell those in here. My main aim is to tell “how to come out alive from hard times”, exams “how I’m trying to pass”.

  • Before everything, I wanna start with the most straight and cliché sentence “Believe in yourself”. Because there will be times that you would not believe what you are experiencing, you would lose your sense of reality, you would confuse your friend with your enemy and you should believe yourself enough to tell yourself that “I will get over this as well!”.
  • You will cling to your family if you have one, you shouldn’t try to get over it alone. No matter how strong you are (this might seem contradictory to the first clause but it goes well with it), your family will be like a medicine when the time you will say “I have no more strength to stand” and feel it so deeply.
  • Friends are good, pals are the best! But there is a thin line between these. You will differentiate “real friends” and the fake ones in these times. You will try to contact and not make it, you will not find them beside you when you need them the most, you will see what you actually mean to them! And that time you will know you need to separate “rotten apples”. I wrote so many negative things in this one, didn’t I? Actually no, you will feel eased when you get rid of those falseness and lies. Every “pal” you found by your side in this period will deserve the appreciate that you gave them and it will make you say “what a beautiful family we are” .
  • You won’t sigh and wear mourning! You won’t feel self-pity! You won’t shut, isolate yourself from the outside and you will hold on to a goal. You won’t flow and get dragged to the life, instead, you will flutter to make your own way. This was one of the biggest motivations that made me get over those period. There was a school I had to finish, the tasks I had to make real that made me tired so much. But I always thought to myself “ the fate that forcing me actually offers the solutions in itself” . How? Although I now have so many reasons to let it all hang out, school that I had to finish made me focus on a specific goal and, as the phrase goes, it made me give no quarter to the humming in my head and impeded all the negative thoughts. In other words, I had no time to sit down and cry, and, I saw this as a miracle!!!
  • I read books…I read books more than the times I have read in my spare times. Maybe it’s because I nestled to them and protected my mind, who knows? Communicating with other worlds was good.
  • I rushed myself to nature! I walked, I run, I went to the sea side, I whispered my worries, sorrows to the rocks one by one and I competed with myself about throwing the rocks to the farthest. (Come on, don’t laugh! It was so effective 🙂 ).
  • Speaking of nature, I almost forgot about the most beautiful therapy: taking care of stray animals… I bought the “ friendship foods” and looked for the babies to feed. I feeded their tummies as they feeded my soul…They are so loyal!
  • I ran away from the things that griped my soul. I ran away from the things that give unhappiness, from the people who cannot even say an endearment. I let myself alone, ignoring the fact that selfishness is limitless. Sometimes there is no meaning of entreating.
  • I helped! I found myself in places I have never expected to be in, socializing with people, endeavoring for great purposes. I don’t know if they helped me or I helped them.

I extended the list, I would have extended it more. You might have lot of reasons to cry, to give up, to spend your life through them. But there is one reason to live, HOPE! Hope is the biggest treasure we have!

I wish you all not to lost your hope…

Stay with love…

Motivasyon Mektubu

♥thanks to my lil dragon♥

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