Hello beautiful people,

I’m at a period that I can’t stop my desire to disappear. I’m sure everyone’s having this feeling from time to time (if you’ve never had such a wish, I would like to congratulate you 🙂 ). Because of that, I am trying to set aside time for myself as much as I can. I have to say that one of the most recent decisions I’ve made is to freeze my social media account, which I’m using overly active, on Instagram (twitter, facebook or something like that, I haven’t been using in a very, very long time already). If I have to recap without rambling, I want to continue to DIY projects which is one of my favorites, because I don’t wanna put it on the back burner while I am setting aside time for myself.

The faux leather tablet pc case which I bought at the time when the tablet pcs were new on the market which I could call expensive (relatively simple, but it was not possible to find it cheap because it didn’t have much variety at the time), teared because it became old 😦 . I’ve already said in the first DIY post that I can not easily remove the old, worn out things 🙂 . While I was thinking what could I do with it, I saw that the part that holds the tablet inside  that can curl up and provide using the tablet in an upright position at the same time, can be raveled out. Of course having that part is not necessary 🙂 You can also customize the following version to make a simple tablet bag if you want. Lets get started…

There are three basic materials that we need;

  • Thick Felt Fabric
  • Tire
  • Needle, thread, scissors trio

This my old, awful case you are seeing 🙂 . I could have done something like covering the top but I  removed the stitches of the part where the tablet is fixed.

Then, in order to be suitable for this part, I cut off the the thick felt fabric, leaving the excess part that needed to be on top of it as an envelope-bag.

While I only sewed the corners of the part that I pulled out from the cover on the felt, I cut pieces for two little pockets and another for a pen pocket and sewed them inside of the cover going inwards, with a technique that does not show the stitch marks called “blind stitch” (a method that can be done by getting a needle to go half way in, without all the way out, and then pull it back half a centimeter further away from the point that you have gone in).

I tried to fix the top cover by sewing buttons and rubber.

This is the final version of our tablet bag . It’s so easy to get a handy, stylish, and quite low-cost bag (actually, it’s better than artificial leather).

So a DIY story ends again , see you in the next stories 🙂 .


♥thanks to my lil dragon♥

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